Hasselblad Camera & Lens Hire

Eleven40 Studio has a range photographic camera equipment to suite the most discerning clients. Download the complete equipment list for all items or review the kits available here. Camera and lighting equipment is for studio usage at Eleven40 Studio unless otherwise agreed. We are happy to support location usage on occasions but this is generally only as part of a location package accompanied by an Eleven40 Studio assistant.

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Hasselblad H4x + Phase One IQ1 80 Digital Back +  3 Lenses - $1200/Day

  • Phase One IQ1 80, 80-Megapixel Digital Back with 2 batteries & charger
  • H4 Camera includes Prism Finder, 2 x recharchable handgrip batteries & charger
  • 3 x Lenses chosen from, 35mm, 50mm, 80mm, 150mm, 210mm, 50-110mm zoom
  • Compact Flash Cards / Cord releases & Quick release tripod mount

Hasselblad ELX & V Series Kit

ELX Camera body, prism finder

  • Phase One H25 digital back
  • 3 lenses chosen from 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 120mm macro, 150mm, 250mm, 350mm
  • Lens shades / remote release cord / 4 x 16gb Compact Flash Cards

Hasselblad Cameras 

Hasselblad H4x Body w/ HV90X-11 Viewfinder ($150 p/day) 
The Hasselblad H4x Medium Format Camera is the upgrade from the original H1, H2 and H2F cameras. Like its predecessors it is a high performance medium format camera for professional photographers with an image format of 56 x 41.5mm. It is compatiblel with CF/CFH Digital Backs, along with other Digital Backs from companies such as Phase one. Included in this kit is the HV 90x-II viewfinder which is an eye-level viewfinder providing a 2.7x image magnification and diopter adjustment from -4 to +2.5D. It has a built-in flash with Guide Number 12 at ISO 100 and an intergrated hot-shoe mount.

Hasselblad Lenses

Hasselblad 35mm f3.5 Lens ($90 p/day) Hasselblad-35mm-f3.5-Lens
95mm Filter
A retro focus lens with 89º diagonal angle of view. The Wide Angle 35mm f3.5 Auto Focus Lens offers outstanding corner-to-corner sharpness, low dispersion glass, even illumination, and features an advance optical design with rear focus mechanism to ensure high performace even at close range. 
This super wide angle lens exhibits minimal barrel distortion and extreme deoth of field, dramatically linking foreground and background subject matter.

Hasselblad 50mm f3.5 Lens ($90 p/day) Hasselblad-50mm-f3.5-Lens
77mm Filter
The 50mm Wide Angle Auto Focus Lens is a complete re-design, with improved resoloution, extremely even sharpness over the image area, and reduced lateral chromatic aberration. This versatille all-purpose lens incorporates a moderate wide-angle effect, and features advanced optical design wit rear focus mechanism, the same seen in the Hasselblad 35mm.

Hasselblad 50-110mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens ($120 p/day) Hasselblad-50-110mm-f3.5-4.5-Zoom-Lens
95mm Filter 
Zoom lenses are easy to use and practical, enabling you to respond quickly to changing conditions. The 50-110mm covers an invaluable photographic spectrum ranging from slight wide-angle to portrait telephoto. As a zoom it has no problem keeping up with the speed and reproduction values of fixed focal lenghts and its versatility makes it one of the most popular HC lenses in the system. 

Hasselblad 80mm f2.8 Lens ($80 p/day) Hasselblad-80mm-f2.8-Lens2
67mm Filter
The 80mm Lens is the standard for the H system. The high performance design ensures great colour correction, a flat image plane, and low distortion. The wide aperture facilitates photography in poor light and provides a bright viewfinder image. A lens suited for almost any task in general photography.

Hasselblad 150mm f3.2 Lens ($90 p/day) Hasselblad-150mm-f3.2-Lens-for-h1-2-3-4
77mm Filter 
An ideal portrait lens, providing the ideal perspective for head and shoulder portraits, or other areas such as landscape photography. The 150mm focal length offers a moderate, but clearly visible telephoto effect and the shwllow depth of field can be used to set distracting backgrounds off focus. This lens features an internal focus mechanism, a super fast Auto Focus System and is an ideal lens for lower lighting conditions.

Hasselblad 210mm f4 Lens ($90 p/day) Hasselblad-210mm-f4-Lens
77mm Filter 
The 210mm is a universal telephoto lens with outstanding performance. The longer focal length is excellent for tightly framed shots, anabling a shallow depth of field to be used to make the main subject stand out noticeably. The counterpart to the classic 135mm lens in 35mm photography.

Hasselblad 13 & 26mm Extension Tubes ($35 p/day) Hasselblad-26mm-Extension-Tube
Tubes can be attached either to the lens first or directly to the camera, whichever is preferred. There are no restrictions about the combination or orer in which tubes are mounted. They can be used together with any HC lens though conventionally practice regarding the unsuitability of certain lenses for close-up work still applies.


Hasselblad Camera & Lens Hire