SpheroCam HDR Kit

SpheroCam HDR Kit - $2200 per day with operator

The Spheron HDR camera is an extraordinary piece ofSpheron4
equipment specifically designed for 3D imaging requirements where 360 degree high dynamic range photographs are required. The Spherocam HDR camera is generally used to capture 32bit HDR images for use as lighting and reflection maps when creating CGI scenes.

If you are trying to replicate real world lighting scenes for stills backplates or motion environments then the SpheroCam is the perfect tool. It is used by automotive CGI experts around the world to capture images which will accompany backplates to allow stunning realworld authenticity.

The SpheroCam kit includes

  • Spherocam HDR camera & lens
  • Toughbook laptop computer with Spheron Camera Software
  • Spare batteries & charger (Spheron Camera + Laptop)
  • 2 x 8 Gb USB for data storage on location
  • Camera Operator (compulsory unless experienced with camera)



The SpheroCam is widely used by automotive CGI experts to capture lighting and reflection mapping environments in conjunction with backplates.

Step 1. Photographers will shoot background plates suitable for inserting cars at a later date by CGI such as this example below.

Spheron backplate sample500px

Step 2. The Spheron HDR camera is then positioned in the scene where the car would eventually sit and a 360 degree 32bit HDR image created in lighting that exactly matches the backplate. The image below represents the complete 360 degree image captures by the Spheron camera.

spheron camera 2

Step 3. The SpheroCam image is processed into a format as required by the CGI team and in conjunction with the backplate and CAD data of the actual vehicle, the CGI environment is created. From there the CGI team use the full 360 degree Spheron image to wrap around the vehicle to provide lighting information and reflection mapping to create results as shown below.

Spheron CGI Car Model 500px

Spheron CGI Car 500px

Other sample of CGI created images using Spheron HDR domes for lighting and reflection mapping. Images courtesy of Glenn Gibson - Blue Fish Productions

BFF CGI 0179 370Z V6 550pxw

BFF CGI 0180 370Ztype 550pxw


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