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Abraham Joffe - Capturing Micro Expressions from Video

Tuesday 12th March 2012 / 7.00pm - 9.30pm

Does the new Canon 1DC signal the end of photography as we know it or does it open up new opportunities for us all?

A great night of discussion and debate from those who attended this evening. Seems like the Canon 1DC is certainly close to the mark for enabling either video or stills shooting from one device although most professionals readily acknowledged that there is a completely different mindset in the approach of shooting stills or video and the concept of shooting them both successfully and simultaneously remained a flawed proposition as one would always have to be compromised.

Here's a link to a part of Abraham's presentation on the night.

Just as digital photography brought about a revolution, and in the same way that the Canon 5D Mark 2 introduced new opportunities, the new Canon 1Dc has the potential to change things again. Join us for a night of information, debate and discussion with Abraham Joffe.

The first part of the evening will see Abraham step us through his work-flow for producing high quality prints from the 4K video recorded by this remarkable camera. You will get to see the camera, Abraham's work-flow using Adobe Premiere, and the actual printed output. Abraham will also demonstrate actual for 4K video footage.

The second part of the evening will consist of a panel discussion, taking questions from you the attendees on any issues you feel this new work flow raises.

Eleven40 are delighted to host this great AIPP event which is the first in a series of future 'Premier Events' to be presented in partnership between Eleven40 and the AIPP.

COST: AIPP/ACMP Members $20 / Non members $150
More Information & REGISTRATION: Via AIPP Website