Social Media Workshops

5th & 25th MARCH 2014

David Watson from Strategy Point joins us at Eleven40 for an exclusive hands on workshop explaining how to accelerate your social media efforts.

This brand new workshop has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of today's small businesses. In a comprehensive 4-hour hands-on session, you'll develop a social strategy for your business, be shown how to create content your customers will love and be instructed on how to implement it successfully.

 Strategy Point Seminar

Social Media provides unrivalled opportunities for small businesses to connect with their customers and potential customers, but few actually use it effectively. Social media can generate conversations, engage the audience and most importantly, drive leads, inquiries and sales.

If you want to dramatically increase the value of your social media opportunities, you can't afford to miss this workshop. Book your spot now.


You will learn how to

1. Develop a Social Strategy

What it is and why you need it
Understand your customers and your audience
Build outcomes and objectives for your social media content
Connect with your fans and followers


3. Implement Your Strategy

Develop a customised plan for your business
Create timelines, schedules and actions


 2. Create Amazing Content

 Learn what kinds of content you can create
Discover what works best and why
Develop ideas for new content that your audience
will love
Establish processes to help you turn great ideas into amazing content
How to publish your content effectively. 

4. Analyse and Refine

Learn why analysis is critical for success
Discover what tools are available to help you track your posts
Understand how to refine your content, frequency and channels
Match your achievements to your objectives to reveal your ROI
Optimise your posts for maximum results

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