ELEVEN40 Studio

Simply one of the best shooting spaces in Melbourne!

One of the best photography / film / TVC studios for hire in Melbourne. Stunning studio, cafe/catering, loads of equipment rental, Profoto, PhaseOne, Arri, flash, tungsten & HMI, drive-in access, 3 phase. We're committed to delivering the highest quality service in the best working environment in town. Our staff can leave you in peace or assist you with anything from, catering, crew, equipment hire or production support. Your clients, crew and talent will love shooting in this space.

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Download studio rates sheet & equipment list >>

Studio Features

  • 16m x 12m studio
  • Full 11.6 x 11.6m cyclorama
  • 3-Phase power + single phase distribution boxes
  • Extensive Profoto Flash equipment rental
  • HMI & Tunsten lighting packages
  • Lighting support + gripping + accessories
  • Heating / A/C / Wi-Fi
  • Client Lounge / Meeting Room
  • Make-up room / Production Office
  • Elektra 600 Espresso Machine & Baristas - Translation 'Awesome Coffee' !
  • Workshop & Tools for set building
  • Concrete Floor / Drive in vehicle access / Compressor
  • Cafe & Crew Catering Available onsite
  • Kitchen, Commercial Fridge & Oven, Microwave
  • Easy parking / High Security

Equipment Hire

We have a large selection of equipment available for hire on site with a 20% discount currently available for equipment hire as part of studio rental. Checkout equipment hire here.

Download the full 'Studio & Equipment Hire Rates' for a complete list of all gear available.


Basic rates for the studio follow although all pricing is subject to Eleven40 confirmation. For a 5 day week we will charge you only 4 days. The equipment section will give you a range of equipment hire options. 

Standard Rate

For most photography, film or TVC productions. NOTE: Larger scale productions with 15 or more total crew may require an Eleven40 assistant or supervisor. ( $350 per day) + power surcharge.

Half Day
Full Day

Red Floor Studio Area

For photographers or smaller crews - DOES NOT INCLUDE CYCLORAMA 

Half Day
Full Day

 Automotive Tungsten Package

Includes Tungsten Lighting - Arri Fresnal Spots 6 x 2K, 6 x 1K, 4 x 650w, 3 x 300w, Floods 2 x 2K, plus all available studio gripping accessories, blacks, greys, poles, go jacks, stands, clamps, floor stands, gels/diff’s, flats, white/black polly boards, cleaning kits. Walk in with your camera (or hire ours) and start shooting car work!

Half Day
Full Day

Daylight HMI Package

4x - Profoto ProDaylight 800w HMI (Ballast & Head)
1x - Profoto 7' Octa HR Softbox (170cm)
Includes: 2 Diffusers & SpeedRing
1x - Profoto 5'Octa HR Softbox (150cm)
Includes: 2 Diffusers & SpeedRing
1x - Profoto 2x3 HR Softbox 
Includes: SoftGRid, 2 Diffusers & SpeedRing
1x - Profoto Cine Reflector Kit
Includes: Fresnal Lens Kit, Barndors & Scrim Kit
3x - Stands
Half Day
Full Day


Large Film / Video Package - POA 

Call us for a great package inclusive of lighting, stands, grip, support, scrims, textiles etc etc and even lighting crew. By all means, bring your own gaffer & truck but you'll also find a lot of the gear is available in house at Eleven40's main Malvern rd studio. We will most likely need a brief from your director or DOP so we can tailor a suitable equipment package.

Notes / Terms & Conditions

  • Studio Hire Includes - Mobile Desk, 15 Shot Bags, Step Ladder, Cambo Studio Tripod, 4 White Foam Core Flats/Books, 4 Black Foam Core Flats/Books, 6 C-Stands, 4 Senior Stands, 3 Phase Splitter Box, Single Phase Splitter Box, Tool Kit/Go-Jacks, 4x 6m Scaff Poles, 2 Trestle Tables, Make-Up Room, 10x 10amp Power Leads, 6x 15amp Power Leads, Kitchen Access, Block/Wedges, Apple Box Set, Misc Diffs/Gels/Reflectors
  • 20% discount to Eleven40 equipment hire is provided (in studio use only)
  • 1/2 Day strictly 4.5 hours (8.30am-1pm) or (1pm-5.30pm) / Full Day is 10 hours (8am-6pm)
  • Overtime can be arranged by request and is charged at 15% of the day rate. 24 hours notice is preferred if you intend to extend your hire hours and extension of studio hours is subject to bookings made by other parties. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Saturday surcharge of $100, Sunday surcharge of $250 applies 
  • Public Holiday surchage of $350
  • Studio Manager/Supervisor’s time is NOT included. If required $65 per hour
  • Cyclorama - Full floor paint white $250 - Self paint $4 per litre
  • Bookings phone 03 8823 1140 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. details www.eleven40.com.au

Crew & Lighting Technicians 

With the huge amount of equipment at Eleven40 comes a wealth of location and studio lighting knowledge. Should you require, we can provide assistants, lighting crew and production support from either our staff or regular freelancers who are familiar with our gear and operations. Please note that while our staff will assist you wherever possible in your hire of the studio or gear they are not available to become part of your crew without extra cost. 

Studio Floor Plan

Eleven40 Studio Floorplan 2017

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