HMI / LED Lighting

Profoto ProDaylight 800 Air HMI

Thess awesome daylight balanced HMI lights allows the great Profoto softboxes and lightshaping gear to be used. Great for DSLR video filming or fashion shoots where continuous lighting is preferred to flash.

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Profoto ProDaylight 800 Air HMI heads ($150 p/day) Profoto-ProDaylight-HMI-800w-Ballast-1
Our ProDaylight 800 Air basic kit is everything you need to start filming your vision. The powerful HMI lamp provides perfect daylight colour temperature (5600k), which is ideal for many photo and video shoots. Our kit includes a Flicker-free multi-voltage ballast has a passive cooling system for quiet opperation and frequency switching between 100Hz and 300Hz, and a dedicated full silent mode.

When using Profoto Lightshapers with HMI heads, it is important to look out for the HR (Heat Resistant) range of accessories. Please see below for the dedicated HR Range.

Profoto HR Lightshaping Acccessories

Profoto Cine Reflector Video Production Kit ($100 p/day) Profoto-Cine-Reflector-Video-Production-Kit
PAR lights are a staple of film and video production. These open face hot-lights provide a wide beam spread, variable by a focusing mechanism or by supplementary lenses which attach to the front. But what about strobe user's looking for a more cinematic light quality? Always looking for ways to expand their arsenal of light-shaping tools, Profoto combined the charactaristics of their popular Zoom Reflector witht the best qualities of PAR fixtures creating the Cine Reflector Video Production Kit.
The Cine Reflector can be used with all Profoto Flash & Continous light sources.
Kit Includes: Cine Reflector, 5 Lenses, Barndoors & 4 Scrim Kit

Profoto 5' Octa HR Softbox (150cm) ($70 p/day) Profoto-5Octa-HR-SoftBox
2 diffusers & SpeedRing

50° Soft Grid for the 5' Octa ($25 p/day)

Profoto 7' Octa HR Softbox (210cm) ($90 p/day)
2 diffusers & SpeedRing

Profoto 1x4' HR Softbox ($50 p/day) 
2 diffusers and SpeedRing

Profoto 3' Flat HR Lantern with SpeedRing ($60 p/day)

Profoto Giant Reflector 240 (8' Giant) HMI ($180 p/day) Profoto-GIANT-Reflector-240cm
Optional 1 stop diffusor  
Note: Needs Double Wind-Up Stand for opperation  

Profoto SoftLight Reflector (Beauty Dish) HMI ($45 p/day) 
Silver / White 

Profoto Standard Zoom Reflectors HMI ($10 p/day) Profoto-Narrow-Beam-Reflector

Profoto Magnum Reflectors HMI ($30 p/day) 

Profoto Narrowbeam Reflectors HMI ($30 p/day)

Profoto Wide Zoom Reflectors HMI ($30 p/day) Profoto-WideZoom-Reflector

Profoto Disk Reflector ($5 p/day) 

Profoto Barndoors ($15 p/day)
Includes grid/filter holder

Compatible Profoto Lightshaping Tools

  • HR Softboxes
  • HR Lanterns, except HR Lantern 1.7' FLAT
  • ProCine Reflector including Lenses
  • Softlight Reflector (a.k.a Beauty Dish)
  • Magnum Reflector 
  • Zoom Reflector 
  • Narrowbeam Refelctor 
  • Wide Zoom Reflector 
  • Tele Zoom Reflector 
  • ProTube
  • Disc Reflector 
  • ProFresnel Spot 
  • Profoto Giant Reflector 
  • Profoto Silver Umbrealls (with ProCine Reflector only)
  • Profoto Translucent Umbrealls (with ProCine Reflector only)

Incompatible Profoto Lightshaping Tools

  • Profoto White Umbrellas 
  • Grids
  • Standard RF Softboxes
  • Hardbox
  • ProBox
  • Fresnel Small
  • ProGlobe
  • Snoot
  • Grid & Filter Holder


HMI / LED Lighting