Terms & Conditions

 All new customers are required to fill out the New Customer Application Form.


Half Day is 5 hours between 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm.

Full Day Hire is 10 hours between 8am to 6pm.

Half Day bookings only apply to Studio Hires. All equipment hires are charged as a Full Day.

Overtime - Early start (before 8am) and extended hours (after 6pm) can be arranged by request. The rate for each additional hour is 15% of the day rate. 24 hours notice is preferred if you intend to extend your hire hours and extension of studio hours is subject to bookings made by other parties. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and cut our regular clients some slack.

TVC Surcharge - TVC's & Major Video productions attract a 20% surcharge to the above rates. This can be negotiated depending on size or scale of productions, please contact us to discuss.

Part Hire - Non exclusive studio hire is available should you only require a smaller space although it may mean the shooting area is to be shared with other clients. Rates for non exclusive studio hire are discounted 40% and partitions can be provided to assist separation.

Workshop - Access to the workshop and tools for the odd repair or infrequent purposes is allowed as part of package hire rates. If extensive use of the workshop or tools is required for set building or other purposes then a workshop hire charge or individual tool hire charges will apply.

Consumables - Some consumable items may be available with the studio but requests for new or additional items will be charged as per the consumables price list.

Bookings - The studio is available for hire Monday - Saturday (8am - 6pm) Sunday by special request only.

Confirmed Bookings - Only confirmed bookings will secure the studio for requested dates. The studio can be put on hold but the booking must be confirmed 48 hours prior to shooting, or if another confirmed booking is received.

Holds - You can place the studio on hold if it is available but you must confirm the hold if Eleven40 receives another booking request for the same day. Eleven40 will contact you by email or phone in that instance and you must be able to respond within 4 hours or your hold will be forfeited.

Casual Hire customers are required to pay a 25% booking fee in advance to confirm their booking and must pay the balance of their account on the day of hire. The booking fee will not be refunded unless cancellation is made a clear 7 days in advance.

Cancelation Fees If a studio booking is cancelled 7 days or more prior to the booking no cancellation fee will apply. If a booking is cancelled between 3 - 7 prior then a 25% cancellation fee will apply. If a booking is cancelled less than 48 hour prior a 100% cancellation fee will apply.  Eleven40 may waive the cancellation fee at its discretion if the booking is rescheduled.

Environment - The studio is situated in a residential area so clients are requested to respect the neighbours and provide us details of any major activities effecting the shoot. Overtime requests will need to be approved by the studio based on the type of activities anticipated.

Painting Charge - Please advise us if you require a clean white cyc at the commencement of your shoot. The studio will be supplied in such condition and it is the hirers responsibility to return the cyclorama to freshly painted white or a painting charge will be applied.

Insurance - Hirers are required to provide proof of a current insurance policy for professional indemnity and public liability.

OH&S - Hirers are required to abide by all appropriate Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations as they conduct their work.




Terms & Conditions