YOGA with Zuzanka

We creative humans here at Eleven40 appreciate that the body,Book-Now
mind and soul need nourishment to flourish. Usually the domain
of film/photo shoots and photography exhibitions Eleven40 Studio
is now extending our 'creative mindset' to include yoga and meditation.

Zuzanka's Morning, evening and weekend classes are now scheduled for April and we will refine our classes, dates and times after assessing our clients needs during our first month.


MORNING FLOW 75 min Complete Class                            

6.15am TUE WED THU FRI - 7.45am SAT - 9am SUN

Our Morning FLOW | Complete class synchronize breathing with each movement to produce beautiful, flowing patterns of motion and energy. This class offers sun salutations, creative sequences, mindful alignment principles and breathing practices to compliment with each pose. The class focuses on foundational postures while also building strength in the core muscle groups needed for other postures, arm balances and inversions. This energetic and playful flowing class allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to practice in the same class.
The class will awaken you and reconnect you to your inner self. Every class is concluded by final meditation. You’ll leave calmer, but also invigorated! Ready for your day.

EVENING FLOW 75 min - Complete Class 

6.40PM TUE / THU  8.15PM WED

Evening FLOW classes are similar to morning classes but with greater attention to finishing your day in a peaceful state and to prepare your body for sleep and relaxation


8.15pm TUE + THU / 9.15am SAT

GAIN your FLEXIBILITY and improve your CORE - MEN ONLY
BLOYOGA is a yoga class geared for MEN (where it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes). Through an accessible strategic yoga, we offer men real tools for improving their flexibility and core strength, both physically and mentally.
This class combines core-strengthening, muscle-stretching and toning, stress-reducing and clarity-enhancing yoga postures. Through the physical practice of yoga, not only will your body get stronger, but your emotional, mental and inner self will find greater clarity and strength. We help reclaim the calm from the chaos in our everyday.
BLOYOGA is for every “body,” from the beginner yogi to the amateur or professional athlete. We are taking care of golfers, cyclists, tennis players, runners, footballers etc. Some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man. We believe that yoga makes you a better one. Take the step! Be the next one! The benefits are undeniable.