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Zuzanka from Yoga Connects Us delivers 13 classes a week at Eleven40. You'll love her calm spiritual presence and her morning, evening and weekend classes will leave you stronger, calmer and ready to tackle the world. 

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MORNING FLOW -  75min Class with Zuzanka

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6:30am - 7:45 am TUE / WED / THU
7:45am - 9:15am SAT / SUN 

Our Morning FLOW synchronise breath with each movement to produce beautiful, flowing patterns of motion and energy. 75 minutes offers sufficient time to include all important aspects of yoga such as Pranayama breathing practice, meditation and an extended Savasana.

This class offers variation of sun salutations, creative sequences, mindful alignment principles and breath work associated with each pose. We focus on foundational postures while also building strength in the core muscle groups. This helps improve postures such as arm balances and inversions. This energetic and playful flowing class allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to practice together by providing options for all.

Morning FLOW class will wake you up and help you find your centre. You’ll leave calmer and reinvigorated – ready for your day.

Classes are subject to change - Bookings Essential 

EVENING FLOW - 75min Class with ZuzankaBook Online 100pxw

6:40pm - 7:55pm TUE / THU
8:15pm - 9:30pm WED

EVENING FLOW is related to our morning class which synchronises, breathing with each movement to produce beautiful, flowing patterns of motion and energy.

Our 75-min Vinyasa classes build strength and stamina in the body and mind, striking balance between flowing movements and longer holds. Postures are linked with the breath to facilitate opening and release. We encourage students to work at their own pace. We foster deeper connections to your inner wisdom through sensation and alignment, opening your body, mind and heart. This class concludes with an extended Savasana and meditation.

Classes are subject to change - Bookings Essential

MENS YOGA - Flex & Core with ZuzankaBook Online 100pxw

8:15pm - 9:30pm TUE / THU
9:40am - 10:55am SAT           

This yoga class is designed specifically for MEN of all standards but with focus on sport, golf and cycling. Through an accessible strategic practice, we offer real tools for improving flexibility and working on core body strength.

This class combines core-strengthening, muscle-stretching and toning, stress-reducing and clarity-enhancing yoga postures. (Don’t worry! It’s okay if you can’t touch your toes when you begin) Through the physical practice of yoga your body will get stronger and more flexible, but the true power of yoga is what it does inside. Yoga will help calm the chaos of every day, the stuff in our heads and the challenges of daily life. We remind you to breathe.

This is a class for every “body”, from the beginner, amateur or professional athlete. We cater for golfers, cyclists, tennis players, runners, footballers, etc. Some guys think that yoga makes them less of a man. We believe that yoga makes you a better one. Take the step! Be the next one! The benefits are undeniable!

Classes are subject to change - Bookings Essential

BEGINNERS YOGA - 75min Class with ZuzankaBook Online 100pxw

6:40pm - 7:55pm WED
9:40am - 10:55am SUN

Start with us. This class is for beginners who choose to walk into the world of yoga to build their own practice on a strong foundation.

This 75-min session offers sufficient time to include and practice the important aspects of yoga. Learn about Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation. This mindful class incorporates gentle yoga and restorative poses (slow flow). Perfect for those new to yoga or anyone looking for a way to release stress, slow down or check out the quality of your current yoga practice.

In this class, we have a time to break down each posture, learn about its benefits and what to avoid. Find your best personal performance! Connect with Us.

Classes are subject to change - Bookings Essential

Book Online 100pxwPASSES & PACKAGE DEALS

$48 - Unlimited 3 Weeks Introduction

Enjoy the benefits of regular practice and a special introduction to Eleven40 Studio and classes with Zuzanka. One time purchase only and your 2 weeks starts from the first class you book.

$28 - Single Class

$125 - 5 Class Pass

$225 - 10 Class Pass

$400 - 20 Class Pass


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