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Photography and Film equipment for top dogs

Eleven40 is Melbournes leading photography & film equipment rental house. With the largest range of the best lighting gear in the world, we’ve quickly become the go to studio and rental house in Melbourne.

We stock only the highest quality film and stills equipment available. So no matter if your shooting in studio or on location we have you covered with great gear and service to match!

lighting equipment, arri, avenger, nikon, phaseone, profoto


Studio & Equipment 

lighting equipment, eizo, manfrotto, hyper, magliner

Profoto Lighting

+ Pro 8A packs
+ Pro B4 packs
+ Pro heads
+ D1-500w air
+ D1-1000w air
+ Pro Daylight HMI
+ B2 packs
+ B4 Packs

Light Shapers

+ 7ft octa
+ 5ft octa
+ 6 x4 softbox
+ 3 x4 softbox
+ 2 x3 softbox
+ 2×2 softbox
+ 1 x6 softbox
+ 1 x4 softbox
+ Magnum reflector
+ Wide zoom reflector
+ Narrow beam reflector
+ Beauty dish
+ Deep umbrellas


Phaseone xf Cameras
   + IQ3 100mp + 80mp Backs

Hasselblad H4x Camera
   + Phaseone IQ180

Nikon D850

Nikon D3x

Camera Lenses

Schneider Kreuznach LS
35mm f3.5 AF
55mm f2.8 AF
80mm f2.8 AF
   + 110mm f2.8 AF
150mm f3.5 AF

14-24mm f2.8
   + 24-70mm f2.8
   + 58mm f1.4
   + 70-200mm f2.8
   + 24mm f3.5 s/tilt
   + 45mm f2.8 s /tilt
   + 400mm f2.8
   + 600mm f4

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