Space For Lease / Partner / Share Opportunity.

Eleven40 is a premier Melbourne photography & film studio, events venue and creative space. As we look to sustain revenues and business once we’re past the current Covid 19 difficulties we are looking for suitable partners who may wish to cohabit our amazing studio, gallery, events and office space here in Malvern. The fact is that there’s 565 sqm of very flexible space!

If you have a need for space or are considering relocating, consolidating or downsizing then we would be happy to talk to you about how you might fit in here at Eleven40. It might be short term, long term, temporary or permanent but we are considering all options including business collaborations or lease sharing/consignment arrangements.

The space would obviously suit people in the photo, film, gallery, marketing or events industries but we will consider widespread options.

Call for a chat any time. Glenn Gibson on 0419 374 882.

Or email us at studio@eleven40.com.au     

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