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All equipment for sale has been apart of our rental fleet here at Eleven40. Everything has been looked after extremely well with regular servicing for equipment that has needed it.

For pricing please contact Glenn here.

800mm Nikor Lens

f5.6 ED Lens Manual Focus

Nikon 45mm Tilt Shift Lens

f2.8 Tilt/Shift N Series Lens

The Nikon PC-E Micro-NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED Tilt-Shift Lens is a specialty lens with “Perspective Control” tilt and shift functions as well as a 1:2 magnification ratio for close focusing.

Carpet Tiles

Set of 20 – 50x50cm (10sqm)

Car Go Jacks (set of 4)


Able to jack vehicle weights to 6,200 lbs. (1,550 lbs. per wheel), including light duty trucks with tire widths up to 13 inches wide and 36 inches tall. This auto jack / dolly is the most versatile and strongest GoJak® in the line.

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